Bird Hunting

Bird Hunting: Have you ever dreamed to flying free like a bird in a big forest? If yes then Zayan Technologies bring bird simulator game free to download the best family game. In which you can hunt flying birds using bow and arrow in the jungle.

Birds Hunting – How To Play.?
Watch the video to see how to play the game and click the download button below for downloading the “Bird Hunting” Game.

This is one of the best bird simulator games with very realistic birds flying tasks and missions. How to Play Game?

  • Users can play the game by simply pressing the “Play” button.
  • Check the health indicator, should be green at beginning.
  • If you allow a bird to pass the way, you will lost one life.
  • Maximum life is 10.
  • Will get warning yellow alert to while health at 6
  • Will get Danger red alert once health reach at below 4
  • You will lost game while health at 0

Feature of Bird Hunting games free to download:

  • Bird app provide real life bird simulator game experience
  • Realistic forest flying birds physics.
  • This New Bird games free have colorful hoop and jungle ropes.
  • Amazing arrowing and birds crying sound.

So what are your waiting for fly like a bird by download this brand new Bird Hunting game?

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Bird Hunting Game

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