Flying Fish

Flying fish game
Flying fish game
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Flying Fish: Flying Fish is simple simulation game developed by Zayan Technologies. Simple We can say a Fish trying to survive in a sea.

Flying Fish – How To Play ?

Watch the below video to know how to play Flying Fish Game. You can Download the Flying Fish Game From the “Flying Fish” App icon below.

Touch on the screen to move the fish up, There are different colors fish food items in the sea.

  1. You will get 3 life at the beginning of the game, can see at the top right
  2. Fish have to eat only green color and yellow color food items.
  3. keep press on the screen or fish to move the fish up, once you stop pressing fish will come down
  4. Green color will get 10 points while yellow get 30 points
  5. Score will be displaying at top left corner of the screen
  6. You will lost one life once fish touch the Dangerous red food.
  7. You will lost the game once lost all 3 life.

Download Flying Fish…👇👇👇

Download Play & Enjoy.

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