What is SSL certificate.? How does it work.?

what is ssl certificate how does it work
what is ssl certificate how does it work

What is SSL certificate.? How does it work.?:-If you want your website or blog to be safe and you are looking for a technique for this, then this article is going to be very important for you.

In this article, we are going to tell you what is such SSL and what is the benefit of using it and why is it important for the website to buy it?

After getting complete information about SSL, you will be able to understand how to secure an internet connection as well as how you can keep your website secure.

What is SSL?

SSL has a full form secure socket layer.

SSL is a technology used to secure an internet connection

In other words, SSL is a technique used to establish an encrypted connection between two systems. It is a two system web server (host) and web browser (client) or web server and web server.

The data transfer between two systems connected to the Internet is in an encrypted form. In such a situation, if a person (hacker) intercepts the record in the time of data transfer and even sees the data, then there is no harm because the data is in a form which they cannot understand.

If you have visited a website that starts at address bar from https: //, then you have made a secure connection using SSL.

What are the different types of SSL Certificate?

The use of such SSL certificates has increased considerably in the last few years.

SSL certificate is mainly used to protect website and user data.

But since Google has considered SSL a factor for ranking sites in search engines, the use of SSL certificate has increased a lot since then.

Types of SSL Certificates – Based on Validation Level

  • Domain Validation
  • Organisation validation
  • Extended validation

Domain validation

It is a basic certificate that only secures communication between server and browser.

This certificate is suitable for websites where no personal information is submitted by the user or which does not have a login system.

This type of certificate is used for initial level websites and businesses.

Organization Validated

Suitable for people who have a legitimate business, whose website collects sensitive information from their users

Visually, both the domain validated organization validated certificates look the same when any one clicks on the start pad lock and then goes to the detail to show that the organization is a validated certificate.

Extended validation

Extended validation certificates are the most reliable of all the certificates. This certificate is very expensive and it takes some time to get it too.

Before Jesus is given this certificate, the Certificate Authority does business whether it is right and safe and gives a certificate based on the same

Standard Validation Certificate gives padlock with green address bar

If the payment details or address information on the website is entered by the user, then the standard validation SSL certificate is the best for such website.

After installing and activating this certificate for the website, the company name also appears with a green lock pad before the address of the site in the browser’s address bar.

Types of SSL certificates – based on the number of domains to protect

Single domain



Single domain

Single certificate secures only one website or host.

If you take a single domain SSL certificate for one of your websites www.abc.com, then you cannot protect any of your subdomain such as demo.abc.com.

Wild card ssl certificate

If you take a wildcard SSL certificate, you can also protect all subdomain of your one domain.

for example, If you take a wildcard certificate for one of your websites, such as www.abc.com, you can submit all subdomain of your site (such as demo.abc.com, tools.abc.com, blog.abc.com and hi.abc .com etc.).

Multi-domain SSL Certificate

With such a certificate you can secure your 100 domains.

This certificate protects individual domains with a certificate with the help of SAN extensions.

How does SSL work?

SSL protects connections between two systems connected to the Internet under one process.

SSL working

1.First of all the web server sends its SSL certificate to the browser or server

2. The browser checks whether the SSL certificate is correct. Sends a message to the web server if true.

3. The web server sends a digitally signed acknowledgment to the browser after receiving the message. After which a secure session starts with an SSL.

4. Now data is shared between web server and browser or server in encrypted form.

Why use in SSL site? Advantages of using SSL Certificate.

Gives a secure experience to Visitorus or customers
Protects internal data of customer and site
HTTPS in site